What Does DBA Insurance Cover?

DBA Insurance is a very specific type of Worker’s Compensation insurance.  Who needs DBA insurance is governed by a very specific set of criteria.   If you fall into one of the categories that requires DBA Insurance coverage then it is imperative that you aquire the coverage in order to
avoid any penalties.  Click Here to learn more about DBA Laws & Penalties.

Defense Base Act Insurance covers worker’s compensation benefits such as medical, disability, death. Worker’s compensation benefits are paid out in the event that an employee is injured, or suffers from illness, as the result of a work-related incident. DBA Insurance coverage also covers death that has arisen from a work-related incident. It is important to note that the this insurance stipulates coverage for injury, death or illness in the course of employment and is not limited to during working hours.

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DBA Insurance Compensation Mandated Under the Defense Base Act (DBA):

Total Disability = 2/3rds of the empolyee’s average weekly earnings (maximum of $1,030.78/week)

Death Benefits = The surviving spouse or child (only 1 child) will receive half the employees average weekly earnings. If there are two or more surviors (spouse, children) then the death benefit is 2/3rds the employees average weekly earnings. (This goes up to the current max/week.)

Permanent Total Disability & Death = In some cases these benefits may be paid for life and can also be adjusted for annual cost of living changes.

Receiving Treatment = When an employee is injured (or ill) from the course of employment they are entitled to seek treatment by a doctor of their choice.

Non-US residents & aliens = in some situations when the injured employee is an alien or non-US resident the payment may be reduced by paying 50% of the current value of future compensation.

To find out about the employer’s responsibility with DBA insurance click here.

To find out what Worker’s Compensation is provided under the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act click here to see information reproduced from the US Dept. of Labor (DOL) website.