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Get a free no-obligation DBA Insurance Coverage Quote, or if you are in a hurry a quick ‘ball park’ Defense Base Act DBA Insurance Rate indication…

With prices rising for DBA insurance coverage and DBA contract margins being squeeze, it has never been more important for you to use the services of a specialist DBA Insurance Broker that has direct access to DBA Insurance Carriers and the necessary buying power like the DBA Insurance Coverage team at Worldwide Risk Management.

We have over 10 years experience of working with DBA contractors of all sizes and in all industries worldwide –  securing the best DBA Insurance coverage rates, including high risk activities and locations. We are well known, respected and trusted within the special forces and DBA contractor markets.

If you have a DBA contract to price, already have a DBA Insurance quote from elsewhere or your DBA Insurance Renewal is coming up… Let do the DBA Insurance shopping around and find you the best DBA Insurance rates – we can often get special DBA Insurance rates that some other brokers can’t…

Here’s how to get your quick DBA Insurance Coverage Quote:

1.) Rough DBA Insurance Rate Indication: If you are in a hurry and need a rough ‘ball park’ DBA insurance rate indication, contact Jason Allen and the DBA Insurance Coverage team at Worldwide Risk Management Inc, by telephone:

Within the US (Tel) :   +1 207 878 2510
Outside the  US (Tel) : +1 207 576 32 By e-mail on
and let them know the following:

1.         A statement of the work being under taken  (we can quote from office workers through to armed security – no worries!)

2.         Location of the work being undertaken (from a safe haven through to Afghanistan, Iraq, Liberia – worldwide!)

3.         Number of Employees (we have quoted from individuals to 10,000+ workforce)

4.         Estimated Payroll (approx. payroll value in USD$)

5.         Duration of Contract

2.) Full DBA Insurance Quotation & Application:

If you want a full DBA Insurance Quotation, or if your DBA Insurance requirements are more complex then you can
i)          Download a copy of the DBA Insurance Quotation PDF form here and fax it us to us on
(US) FAX : +1 207 221 1607

ii)         Please complete the online DBA Insurance Coverage – Quotation & Application Form below…

Make sure you get the required DBA Insurance Coverage as there are severe DBA Penalties for contractors that do not have DBA Insurance or do not have compliant DBA Insurance.

We’re here to help and look forward to working with you…

Don’t forget that we can also help with other US and International related insurances for contractors worldwide such as:
– Kidnap and Ransom Insurance
– International Medical Insurance
– Travel Medical Insurance
– International Liability


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